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Welcome to SARDS. This website is intended to be a dedicated resource and community for School Administrators in the Department of Education & Training (DET) in Victoria, Australia. However, it is not affiliated with, owned or managed by DET.

The plan for this site is to grow into a number of areas, in terms of need:

  1. A discussion forum: this is the first resource that is already live. Previously, school administrators have relied upon email groups to ask questions and share information, but this results in an unwieldy firehose of emails on a wide variety of topics, and with DET’s email restrictions in place it is difficult to search to see if your question has already been answered. The new discussion forum allows us to build a searchable database of information that is organised around topics. (The new forum also has the ability to send digest [summary] emails to members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.)
  2. A set of templates, calculators and resources: Most schools have their own templates for things where DET does not provide a template. Unfortunately this results in many schools “reinventing the wheel” if they haven’t been able to find something in their network. The intention is that SARDS will build and provide a standardised library of these templates that draws together the best practice of schools across Victoria. This includes common calculators for tasks faced frequently by Administration staff.
  3. A support system for Administration staff: The long-term goal is for SARDS to be able to provide on-call resources for Administrators to fill in the gaps of the support provided by DET. Ideally this will include on-demand phone/chat support through this website. It is an ambitious goal!

Feedback is always sincerely welcome — as a School Administrator this is your site and we want to make it as welcoming and useful for you as possible. To get started, register on the discussion forum and if you have ideas submit them in the feedback topic area.


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